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DAY 15 | Pray For Christians to Have a Greater Impact in the Entertainment Industry

Pastor Timothy Ramsay


Welcome to day15 of our 30 days of prayer campaign. My name is Timothy Ramsay. I am the Senior Pastor at The Place of Grace in London, England. Today we are going to pray for Christians to have a greater impact in the entertainment industry. In Ephesians chapter 4, verse 27 we are told to neither give no place to the devil. That word ‘place’ as we study it out in the Greek literally means landmass or territory. So what Paul is saying to us is that there is no place, I believe, in the world that God has created that believers should believe for the devil to run rampant. In fact, we are told by Jesus in the Gospels that we should occupy until He comes. So there is an area of engagement some type. I believe, as Christians, we leave free for the devil to run and do his thing, particularly in the entertainment industry, whether that is in music, whether that is in theater or cinema, or whether that is in the arts. But I believe that if we pray, God is going to raise up men and women with a distinct call to that industry who are going to be used mightily by God to bring His Gospel, to bring His life in an area that is clearly dark. One of the things about the entertainment industry is also that it has great influence and impact. This is why, we as believers, cannot leave it alone. We’ve got to get in there. We’ve got to start writing, acting, singing, creating our own things that will influence this generation and beyond, just as we have seen the entertainment industry influence people in the past. So this is not a place where we are going to allow the devil to have free reign. I believe Jesus wants to make an impact in Hollywood. He wants to make an impact in Nollywood and Bollywood and all the entertainment centers of the nations. He wants to make an impact that His Name is lifted up and He draws more men unto Him. So let’s pray. We won’t get the devil space, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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