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Our 30 Days of Prayer is for your entire family!


 We're calling all kids from the North, South, East & West!  It's time to join forces during our 30 Days of Prayer.    

We're on a mission to change the world around us during our 30 Days of Prayer.  We're calling on every boy and girl to join us during our worship services on Sundays & Wednesdays and Zoom at Noon on Saturdays.   Kids from around the world will be there to pray for others, including you! 

Zoom Meet-Up

We will also have a weekly Kidz Bit Zoom Meet-up on Saturdays where kids will have a whole lot of fun with a bit of kid-led sharing (the Word) time, a bit of kid-led prayer time and a bit of game time.   All children are invited to join in on this as well.


You can register your child here:



Wednesday, February 1st

Once we've completed our assignment, we'll "Put A Praise On It" during our celebration with pizza and snacks. Bring or invite every child you know and love.  They will never be the same!

Kids in Church


"Let's Talk"

- I Will Talk With and Listen to God -

"I Got You"

- I Will Pray for Others -

"What About Me?"

- I Will Pray for Myself -

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