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About Us



Our 30 Days of Prayer is for your entire family!


 We've received our assignment from our Commander-In Chief to demobilize the enemy and change the world!  

Our mission: 30 Days of Prayer!    

We're calling on every boy and girl to join us during our worship services on Sundays & Wednesdays, our weekly debriefing videos and on Zoom on Saturdays.   Kids from around the world will be there to pray for others, including you!  

Zoom Meet-Up

On Saturdays we'll connect on Zoom at 10 am EST with kids from around the world to pray for others, including you!


You can register your child here:



Wednesday, January 31st

Once we've completed our assignment, it's Operation Praise time!  We'll celebrate the victory on Wednesday, January 31st with pizza and praise. Bring or invite every child you know and love.  They will never be the same! 

Kids in Church


"Let's Talk"

- Spend Time Talking and Listening to God -

"It Works!"

- Your Prayers Are Powerful! -

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