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DAY 13 | Pray that the Word of God spreads throughout the World

Pastor Gregory Donaldson


Welcome to 30 days of prayer. My name is Pastor Gregory Donaldson. Today’s prayer topic is pray that the Word of God spreads throughout the world. That word spread means to extend or an area covered by something. We will be praying today that the Word of God will extend or spread all around the area that we call the world, the globe. The Scripture tells us in second Thessalonians chapter 3, verse 1, “Finally, brethren, pray for us,” It tells right there in the Scripture - that word ‘us’ means we, you and I. “that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:” So we are praying today that the Word of the Lord gets all around the world and it is also lifted up and praised and glorified, just like you and I do. I’m not just praying that it spreads, but we are praying that people receive it, embrace it and lift it up and glorify His Name. How is that done? It’s kind of like a rumor. A rumor spreads because people hear it and they talk about it. We will be praying for each other and praying for neighbors and friends and families and loved ones that they share the Word of God as we share the Word of God with them and that process spreads like a rumor all around the world. We will pray for churches and church leaders and congregations. We will pray for boldness for them to go places and do things that God has called them to do. We will pay for technology and companies. We will pray for satellites and we will pray for websites and we will pray for all godly and witty inventions that He can use to spread the Word of God throughout the world. But first of all and greatest of all, we will pray for obedience. We pray that we all are obedient to the call of God on our lives. And for all of those who have not been saved, we will pray for laborers to cross their paths so they will become saved and share the Word of God, as well. So I’m asking that you join your faith with me, as we pray throughout the day that the Word of God spread throughout the world and it begins with you and I. God bless you. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. Let’s pray.

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