DAY 9 - Pray for Your Family and Friends

DAY 9 - Pray for Your Family and Friends

Pastor MiChelle Ferguson

Executive Pastor

Word of Faith

Southfield, MI

Hi. I am Pastor MiChelle Ferguson and today I am honored to pray with you

guys concerning praying for our family and friends. You know, sometimes -

especially in the challenging times like the times we live in now - it is so easy

to use our words to just talk about what’s going on, what’s not going right and

what is happening in the world around us or what diagnoses are here or there.

Instead, I want to encourage us today to use the power that is being granted

to us because Jesus loved us so much He died for us and there is power in

our words. We come together corporately to pray and speak the perfect will

of God concerning our family and our friends, that they will not miss it to the

right or to the left, but that they will experience restoration in their lives and

in their finances, in their health, and all of the situations. We also want to pray

that they will have wisdom well beyond their years and the comfort of the Holy

Ghost and the joy that comes from knowing God will rise up big in each and

every one of them. We also want to pray for any of our family and friends that

have yet to come to Jesus, that their eyes will be enlightened and they will

come into the wonderful knowledge of just how good He is. I also want to just

encourage you too - if you have situations or different things in your life where

you don’t know what to pray, that’s why praying in the Holy Ghost is such a

wonderful thing. The Bible talks about in Corinthians that when you pray in the

Holy Ghost, our understanding is unfruitful, but we are praying out the perfect

will of God, meaning that we are praying the very prayers that God Himself

would pray for them. So today, as a family, let’s join together and watch God

manifest as we lift up and pray, and stand in faith for our family and our friends.