DAY 8 - Pray For North America

DAY 8 - Pray For North America

Minister Kila Turner

Word of Faith

Southfield, MI

Welcome to our 30 days of prayer. Today we are praying for North America. From

the northern most point of Greenland to the southern most point of the islands

off Costa Rica and Panama and all points in between - these nations need prayer.

There has been civil unrest, political unrest, devastation from weather events.

We know that these areas need much prayer. But as believers, we have the

responsibility which is the ability and authority to respond appropriately through

prayer. We cannot shake our heads in disbelief. We must pray. So join us today,

according to first Timothy chapter 2, and praying for those who are in authority.

The Word tells us that, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;

but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” So we need to pray for those

people who sit in positions of authority because we know the answer is Jesus. The

answer to mankind’s ills and deficiencies is Jesus Christ. And those who are in

authority have the ability or have an effect on the Gospel being shared with those

who live in those areas. So we want to pray for them that godly men and women

are in those positions of authority so that the Word of God can grow and have free

course, according to the Word. We also want to pray that God sends forth laborers

into His harvest. Jesus told us in Matthew chapter 9 that the harvest is plenteous

but the laborers are few. And we are to pray that He sends forth laborers into His

harvest. So let’s do that today. Most importantly, let’s allow the Holy Spirit to pray

through us the perfect will of God the Father because He knows what needs to

take place and when. So avail yourself today to pray for North America. God bless