DAY 7 - Pray for Unity and Fellowship in The Body of Christ

DAY 7 - Pray for Unity and Fellowship in The Body of Christ

Pastor Derrick Greene

Word of Faith

Southfield, MI

Hello. My name is Derrick Greene, one of the staff pastors at Word of Faith. I get

the honor and privilege to share with you about another day campaign in our 30

days of prayer. The subject today is praying for the unity and praying for fellowship

in the body of Christ. Of course, Psalm 133, particularly verse 1 says how we are

to dwell together in unity. That’s not a choice. That’s a directive. That means God

holds us responsible to walk with that same heartbeat in the earth as He operates

in heaven. Of course, Jesus made it clear that the same grace that is upon Him,

is upon us. That means this is easy to do. We just have to decide to do it. Drop all

of the petty stuff and make the decision, “I am doing this for the Father and He is

depending on me.” It’s almost like saying that we have to be committed to each

other’s success when it comes to walking in unity and walking in fellowship. John

chapter 17 - Jesus makes this famous statement. He said, “Father make them one

with us, as we are one.” That means that Jesus and the Father are unified and have

fellowship. That means we can do the same thing with the brothers and sisters

here in the earth. So lay aside all the petty stuff - all of the little childhood stuff, and

make a decision that: “I am going to endeavor.” That is particularly the terminology

that Ephesians used about endeavoring to walk in the unity of the faith and in the

bond of peace. Endeavoring is like saying, “I’ve got to see this through, despite of

my emotions, my feelings, even despite of what happened. I’m doing this because

of Jesus and the Father.” So the attitude to endeavor to do it is like press your

way; set yourself, that you will pass the test to be unified with your brothers and to

walk in fellowship with your sisters in the Lord. Amen. Now, one more thing that is

really interesting that he said about endeavoring to walk in the unity of the faith, and

in the bond of peace, meaning you have to handcuff yourself to the commitment

that, “I am committed to my brother and my sister’s success to be in unity with

them regardless to what happens.” Because if you take that position, there won’t

be nothing that the enemy can trick you with because you already have the same

grace. You don’t have a similar grace; you have the same power that raised Jesus

from the dead. That grace is inside of you. So you can do it. Be encouraged. Set

yourself. Endeavor. Commit yourself and carry it out. See you tomorrow for our next

day of our campaign.