DAY 30 - The Year of Winning and Victory


Bishop Keith A. Butler

Senior Pastor and Presiding Bishop

Word of Faith Southfield, MI

Praise God. This is our 30th day. Praise God. We’ve had a tremendous month of prayer. The stage has been set for 2021. Remember what the Lord told us: this is a year of winning and victory. Winning doesn’t mean that you don’t have a fight. Amen. But Jesus said, “Don’t be concerned about it because I have overcome.” You know when I used to read that when I was a young Christian, and Jesus said that, “I have Overcome,” I used to think, “Oh, okay, you’ve overcome, but what does that really do for me?” Now that I know what the name of Jesus and the authority of Jesus means. Praise the Lord, that I have His authority when He said He overcame, I overcame. He had the power, I have the power. He had the Spirit, I have the Spirit. He had the standing with God, I have the standing with God the Father, hallelujah. So, yes, with our prayer, we have been troubling the kingdom of darkness, and yes they will try and struggle, but they will not be able to win because of our prayers. Victory belongs to us. 2 Corinthians 2:14 says, “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph.” And so, thank you for praying for these last 30 days with us, and let’s just close it up in Jesus name once again. Praying over all the things we prayed for. Praying for those in authority, pray for the move of God worldwide, pray, praise the Lord for Christians under persecution. Pray, hallelujah, for God to raise up more laborers into the kingdom of God. Pray for our nation. Praise the Lord. Pray for all the nations and all the others things we have been praying for. Wrap them up in this day, praise the Lord because we know your prayers avail much. Praise the Lord. Blessings and thank you for praying with us this year.