DAY 3 - Pray for your Church

DAY 3 - Pray for your Church

Minister Anita Davis

Word of Faith

Southfield, MI

Hello and welcome to day 3 of 30 days of prayer. Today we want to pray for

the church. You want to pray that the church experiences Acts 9, verse 31. The

Amplified version says, “So the church throughout Judea and Galilee and Samaria

enjoyed peace [without persecution], being built up [in wisdom, virtue, and faith];

and walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort and encouragement of the

Holy Spirit, it continued to grow [in numbers].” The church is all of us as a body of

believers. Pray that we experience peace free from persecution and unhindered

by any government. Pray that we are built up in wisdom, power and faith - that

we walk in the fear of the Lord and that we grow in numbers. This is something

that you should pray for your local church as well. You also want to pray that your

church fulfills its purpose in your state, city and neighborhood - that you are a

100% tithing church, where everyone serves in some capacity to support the work

of the ministry. Pray for the success of the various ministries and programs at your

church. Pray that your church not only meets its budget, but has an abundance of

money and resources to do everything that you are called to do. Pray for unity in

your church. You know what your church needs. Pray about that thing. Now during

this time, you are praying with a number of our church families across the country

and the world. You want to pray for them too – like Christian Center in Varna,

Bulgaria. They need gifted, love-filled, and Holy Spirit led volunteers to help run

with the vision that God has for them. The same can be true of a number of our

churches, right? And then pray for Word of Faith, Toronto that the government

pulls back on the restrictions that are hindering the church and that believers all

over Canada will find their way back to church buildings again. Pray for Faith4Life

in Nairobi, Kenya and Dallas that they possess their own property. These are just

some of the needs that we can pray for right now. There’s no better time. Let’s get

going. Pray for the church.