DAY 29 - Pray For Those That Are Sick and Shut In

DAY 29 - Pray For Those That Are Sick and Shut In

Pastor Kerrick Butler

Senior Pastor

Faith Christian Center

Austell, GA

Hello and welcome to Day 29 of 30 days of prayer. You all are doing amazing. Thank you

for being faithful and committed to this time of prayer. I know God is moving greatly in your

life. I am Kerrick Butler. I pastor Faith Christian Center, Georgia. Today I have the honor of

sharing on how to pray for those who are sick and shut in. Let’s start out with Proverbs 18.

It teaches us that the spirit man can endure a sickness or infirmity in the body. So number

one, we are praying for those who are sick or shut it. Let us pray for their strength - that they

be strong in their spirit. Also, next after that, we know that our people are destroyed for the

lack of knowledge. The Old Testament teaches us that. Wisdom is the principal thing - once

again, the book of Proverbs. So understanding that, we should pray for those who are sick

and shut in have wisdom and understanding so they make a wise decision concerning their

body and overcoming that sickness. Number three, we want to pray for mercy. Mercy is

God’s covenant love in action. You know, mercy triumphs over judgment. We see that in the

New Testament. But also, when it concerns mercy, Philippians 2 teaches us that mercy is in

healing. So we pray for the mercy of God to manifest in which ever form it needs to manifest

concerning healing, concerning triumphing over judgment, concerning God’s covenant love

in action because remember He is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals us and takes sickness away from the midst of us. And then next, we are going to pray for the healing power of God to minister to their body from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. We know the power of God can overcome every sickness, every disease, every pain and every infirmity. So let’s pray for those who are sick and shut in and if you are a person watching and you are sick, you are shut in, you are dealing with some kind of sickness, disease, pain or infirmity, I believe that as we pray right now the healing power of God is going to flow through your device, flow through your computer and cause a healing and a cure in your body. Are you ready to pray? Let’s pray.