DAY 27 - Pray For Unity and Fellowship in the Church as a Whole

DAY 27 - Pray For Unity and Fellowship in the Church as a Whole

Pastor Timothy ramsay

Senior Pastor

Word of Faith London, Luton UK

Greetings family. Welcome to day 27 of the 30 days of prayer campaign. My name is Timothy Ramsay and I’m the senior leader of the Place of Grace and we are based in the United Kingdom in a city called London. Do you know London? And in a small town called Luton. I bring you greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. My assignment to you today is to lead us in a devotion as we talk a little bit about praying for unity and fellowship in the church at large. I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a very divisive year. And I think that we have to go back to the roots of Scripture and find out what it means to really honor God in the place of unity. Psalm 133 – there is a song that sings of how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity. You see, I think that unity pleases God. Oneness – the ability to get along with your brother and sister in the Lord, does something in the Spirit. It pleases God. In fact, we find Jesus – in the real Lord’s prayer in John chapter 17 – He begins to pray concerning the oneness that He had with the Father. Then He prays for you and I. He includes us in that prayer and He says that may we be as one as Me and You are one, Father. I think that is such a powerful point that Jesus is praying that the same unity that He has with the Father is the same unity that His children, His church, have with one another. And He goes on to say, that in fact, the world will know that we belong to Jesus based on the unity that we have. Wow. Now, I’m going to end in Ephesians chapter 4 because we don’t have much time. In Ephesians chapter 4, verses 1-3, the Apostle Paul is beseeching us. Whenever you see the word ‘beseech’ know that it is something important – it is something that matters to the heart of God. And the Apostle Paul is beseeching us that we walk worthy of the calling, which we have been called unto. And he gives us some keys about how to do that. It is very, very interesting. He says, “To walk worthy of your calling, you are going to have to walk in humbleness. You are going to have to walk in humility. You are going to have to be gentle with one another. You are going to have to have long-suffering with one another. You are going to have to bear with one another, in love.” He goes on to say in verse three, “Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace.” You see, what that means to me is that this endeavoring – it points to work. It actually takes effort. It actually takes sweat and blood to keep oneness in a world that is particularly polarizing. I don’t know about you, but 2020 was a year where we saw division at such an increased rate in the church. I think, this year, as we pray, we have to come back to the place of healing. We have to come back to the place of oneness. And we have to return – there was an old quote by a theologian where he said, “In essential doctrines, we must have unity. But in nonessentials, let there be liberty, freedom and grace. But in all things, we must walk in love.” So I encourage you as you pray today, that you think about your church, you think about your brothers and sisters in the Lord, think about people that you don’t even really like too much, and ask the Holy Spirit place love in your heart, patience in your heart, and let’s do this. Let’s be one as Christ calls us to be one. Love you guys and I will see you soon.



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