DAY 25 - Pray For Our Children

DAY 25 - Pray For Our Children

Minister Kila Turner

Word of Faith Southfield, MI

Welcome back to our 30 days of prayer. Today we are praying for our children. God tells us in Psalm 127, verses 3-4 that children are a gift from Him. They are a reward from the Lord. And those who have children are like mighty arrows in the hands of a warrior. So God has clearly communicated that children are important to Him. They are a strategic part of His plan. They are sent directly from Him as gifts to us and they are a part of keeping Satan in his position of defeat. They are meant to advance God’s kingdom. They have a role in God’s perfect plan. And as the time is winding up and Satan’s time is growing shorter and shorter, he knows this; so he has ramped up his attack against our children. We see it in the nefarious laws that have been passed that kill our children. There are laws that deceive them into thinking that they can be whatever they want to be, regardless of how God created them. And there are laws that are designed to exploit our children for all types of devilish gains. Well, God has promised in these last days, to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and that includes children. God’s Spirit is the Spirit of truth. So let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to the children who they really are in Christ – that they will be protected and covered by the blood of Jesus, spirit, soul, and body. Let’s pray that as they are being trained and raised by their parents, their caregivers – as they are being taught by their teachers, we need to pray for those who are in authority over them because they need the wisdom and strength of God to direct and nurture our children according to God’s perfect plan. Lastly, let’s pray in the Spirit for our children. God has unique knowledge of what they need. He knows everything about every single child in this earth and He will use us to pray out His perfect will for every one of them. So, let’s yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit to pray out God’s heart for the children. We know that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman makes tremendous power available and that is what our children need. God bless you.



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