DAY 25 - Pray For Judges to Rule Righteously

DAY 25 - Pray For Judges to Rule Righteously

Pastor Matthew Tarkington

Senior Pastor


Dallas, TX

Hey everyone. This is Pastor Matt from Faith4Life, Dallas. Hasn’t this been

awesome - us all gathering from all around the world to pray together and believe

in what God is doing in these last days? Today we are going to be coming in prayer

and in faith together about judges ruling righteously. And what do we mean by

righteously? Righteousness is God’s right way of doing things. And so, we are not

believing for judges to rule based on popular opinion or based on what is politically

correct. But instead to rule based on God’s truth and God’s law. Would you read

with me Isaiah 1:26? I’m going to read this in the New Living Translation. It says it

this way, “Then I will give you good judges again and wise counselors like you used

to have.” Someone say, “Amen.” “Then Jerusalem will again be called the Home

of Justice and the Faithful City.” Now one of the things that we are believing for

is that those judges who are in positions that are corrupt that they will have their

eyes open to the truth - that they would understand the truth of God’s Word - that

laborers would come across their paths and be able to tell them the good news

of the Gospel and that their hearts would be softened to hear God’s right way

of doing things. Also, for those corrupt judges who have made a decision to live

wickedly and to rule based on wicked decisions, we are believing that God would

pluck them out of those positions and that there would be open opportunities and

favor for godly men and women to come into those positions and rule righteously.

Let’s go to one more Scripture. Leviticus 19:15 says it this way: “Ye shall do no

unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect [show partiality] the person

of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty.” The idea here is that righteous

judges do not show partiality based on someone’s economic status, based on

someone’s racial status, based on someone’s background or where they came

from. They judge according to the law and our desire is to have Bible-believing

judges in these positions so that they can rule in true righteousness, which is

God’s right way of doing things. Then it says, “but in righteousness shalt thou

judge thy neighbour.” Would you stand with me in prayer and agree together for

righteous judges to be in positions of authority so that righteousness can pervade

all over our world. Let’s pray together.