DAY 23 - Pray for the Fatherless and Widows

DAY 23 - Pray For the Fatherless and Widows

Pastor Sanford McQueen

Word of Faith Southfield, MI

Hello. Welcome everyone. We are so excited that you decided to participate in our prayer campaign as we move forward into the future. Today, what we are going to do is we want to lift up the fatherless and the widows. We want to intercede for them so that they will draw close to God and enjoy His provision. Psalm 68 says that the Father God decides the cases of the widows. That means He actively becomes involved in their every day, practical situations and circumstances. Isn’t that good news, especially for those who put their trust in Him? Praise the Lord. Psalm 10 also says that God is the helper of the fatherless. The helper of the fatherless – that is also good news and help is available to fatherless, particularly to those whose hearts are connected to God. So we want to pray for the fatherless and the widows that they will be drawn to God, that their hearts would remain open to Him so they can enjoy what it is that He has provided for them. Now, God will get involved in the everyday practical situations of life for the fatherless and the widows, particularly those who trust Him – those who have a living relationship with Him. Praise the Lord. God will also help the fatherless. And we know that in our society, there are many kids who don’t have a father for one reason or the other, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the need for one. They can receive Father love as we intercede for them and pray for them. So we are encouraging you. There is a great need here. Finally, again in Proverbs 15 we find that God protects the property. He protects their stuff of the widows and the fatherless – those that are connected to Him through the blood of Jesus Christ. So we have a wonderful opportunity as we pray for the fatherless and the widows, so that they will be close to God, drawn to God, and connected in fellowship with Him, so that they can enjoy the presence of God, the protection of God and the provision of God. So I encourage you today – stay steadfast and stay focused and be prayerful for the fatherless and for the widows.