DAY 23 - Pray for Our Senior Citizens

DAY 23 - Pray For Our Senior Citizens

Minister Gregory Donaldson

Word of Faith

Southfield, MI

Praise the Lord and welcome to the 23rd day of 30 days of prayer. I am Minister

Gregory Donaldson and I have the honor and privilege of praying for our senior

citizens today. Well, most ask, “Who are our senior citizens?” They could be your

grandparents, your great-grandparents, your parents, your aunts, your uncles,

your friends, family, or even your loved ones. The definition for a senior citizen is

simply an elderly individual. The Bible speaks to that in Proverbs 16:31 and it says,

“The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.” That

hoary head means age; that means elderly; that means gray hair. It is a crown of

glory. And so we want to pray for our senior citizens and keep them lifted up. And

as we pray, let’s pray that we love them in word and in deed.