DAY 15 - Pray For the Restoration of Families

DAY 15 - Pray For the Restoration of Families

Pastor Edward Taylor

Senior Pastor

Word of Faith Christian Center

Yazoo City, MS

Welcome to day 15 of 30 days of prayer. We are at the halfway point and I want to

encourage you to stay the course and let’s finish this together. My name is Pastor

Edward Taylor and I pastor Word of Faith Christian Center, right here in Yazoo City,

Mississippi. Our assignment today is to pray for the restoration of families. We

know that there is a breakdown in the family unit, but we also know that we serve

a God that can and will restore families, if we will just ask Him. In the Bible, there

are assignments that are given to each and every family member and if we will

just follow these instructions, we will see restoration in our families. According to

the Book, Joshua chapter 24, verse 15 - someone must declare, “As for me and my

house, we will serve the Lord.” Then in Ephesians chapter 6, verses 1-4, “Children,

obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.” Then if we turn a few pages and go

to Proverbs chapter 31, we see instruction for the woman of the house: she is to

be a virtuous woman - that’s a woman who serves God, a woman who respects

her husband, a woman who teaches her children. She cares for her own body. She

loves serving others. And lastly, she spends her money wisely. But there are also

structures for the father, the man of the house and we find this in first Timothy

chapter 3, verse 2-7. This man must be a man above shame. He must be faithful

to his wife. He must exercise self-control. He is a man who chooses to live wisely,

a man of good reputation, a man who is able to teach, a man that is not violent,

but a man that is gentle. I believe with all my heart if we would just follow the

instructions that God has given us, we will see the restoration in the families.