DAY 10 - Pray that You Fulfill Your Purpose

DAY 10 - Pray that You Fulfill Your Purpose

Pastor Deborah Butler

1st Lady

Word of Faith Southfield, MI

Good morning. Today I want to talk to about making sure you fulfill your assignment where God is concerned. Bishop has been talking to us about assignment and how important it is to do that so we want to focus in and make sure that we are doing what God told us to do. For our Scripture, I want to talk about the Ephesians prayer, which is basically one of my favorite prayers to use in my daily devotion – that is to pray that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation – that you are alive to that and that you can hear what God is telling you to do. You want to pray and confess that you know the voice of God and you will follow His voice, and no other voice will you follow. Then you want to do what He tells you to do, when He tells you to do it. Remember, the will of God is the Word of God and the Word of God is the will of God. So even if you have a word and you are not quite sure it is from God, you can always go to the Word of God and the Word of God will back up what you heard. And if it doesn’t, slow down and just take the time to make sure that it is God speaking to you. And then, as you spend the time doing what God told you to do and moving on the things that He told you to do, the quicker you obey Him, the better you will know His voice and you will understand His voice. When you run into a problem or an issue where you are not too sure or not to clear about what you need to do where that is concerned, you will find out those become less and less because you know your Lord and you know His voice and you are able to instantly obey His voice.



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