DAY 10 - Pray For Persecuted Christians

DAY 10 - Pray For Persecuted Christians

Pastor Ivan Hazarbassanov

Senior Pastor

Faith Christian Center

Sofia, Bulgaria

Shalom everyone. 30 days of prayer - what a tremendous amount of prayer.

Today we will unite in prayer in front of God’s throne of grace and we will pray

to obtain mercy and to find grace for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted

church around the world. I and Pastor Gabby personally were youth leaders in

the persecuted underground church before the fall of communism in 1989. I feel

privileged and honored to bring to your attention for prayer of the persecuted

church today. There are harsh persecutions against Christians, against our

brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and Asia, in Africa and other parts of

the world. There is persecution rising against the church even in the free world.

Religious leaders, secular rulers are trying to silence the voice of the church.

So today we will pray for perseverance, endurance and boldness from the Lord

Almighty for our brothers and sisters to be the voice in the same way as John

the Baptist was the voice for Jesus in his time and generation - as Moses was

the voice of God for the people of Israel. Hebrews 13:3 tells us to remember the

ones that are in prison and are in bonds in persecution. We have the compassion

of Jesus in our hearts today praying for the persecuted church. We will pray

with Ephesians 6:8-20. And the boldness that was granted to Paul to speak the

mysteries of the Gospel, we receive it through faith, by grace, as an answer to

our prayers, from our Lord Jesus Christ today for the persecuted church around

the world. When the religious leaders and rulers in the time of Peter and John

forbade them to speak in the name of Jesus and to teach in the name of Jesus,

they came to their own. They prayed together and they prayed for boldness. God

granted them boldness, together with His stretched hand, performing signs and

miracles for them. Today we pray for the same hand of God to move mightily

through and in the persecuted church with signs and miracles and boldness for

them to bring a precious harvest of souls for the Lord Jesus, in this end time. In

the name of Jesus, we pray today. Amen.