Day 03 - Pray for our Nations And Governments

Day 03 - Pray For our nations and governments

Minister Jason Mitchell


Today, we are praying for our nations and our governments. And as we pray, it is imperative that we pray with a clean heart. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, I mean we should not pray grudgingly or with hate in our hearts towards our nations, our governments, or our leaders.

In First Timothy, chapter 2, verses 1-4, the Apostle Paul tells us to pray for kings and for all that are in authority so that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. Our prayers invite God to operate in the very halls and chambers of our governments. Our prayers invite God within our police departments and our militaries, within our colleges and universities, hospitals, and into every segment of society that makes our nations great. When we refuse to pray, we are actually inviting in the opposite of First Timothy, chapter 2. When we remain silent, chaos and strife will take the place of that quiet and peaceable life that prayer produces.

In Second Chronicles chapter 7, verse 14, God says that He will hear from heaven; He will forgive our sin and He will heal our lands. But beloved, this will only happen if we humble ourselves— if we pray—if we seek His face, and if we turn from our wicked ways. See, when we pray for our leaders, for our governments, for our parliaments, for our legislative bodies and political parties, we are accomplishing God’s will here on the earth. Notice that in our reference Scriptures, it doesn’t make mention whatsoever as to whether or not you like these people. God is simply commanding us to pray and it is through our prayers that God is able to ensure that we live a quiet and peaceable life. It is because we are praying that God is able to hear from heaven. He is able to forgive our sin and heal our lands.

We cannot be bystanders just sitting by simply hoping and wishing something will come and change the complexion of our nation. No, we must be active in bringing about healing to our nations and governments by our focused prayer. Therefore, let us pray for our governments. Let us pray that godly men and women be elected to office and that they operate boldly in those offices. Let us pray that the will of God be done from Washington to Beijing, from London to Johannesburg, from Jerusalem to Moscow, from Toronto to Caracas. Let us pray that the wisdom of God be made available for our leaders and for our governments. Now, let us pray.



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